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Education plays a vital role in any implementation. Your organization will realize the greatest benefit when your employees have a deeper understanding of the software solution, enabling them to make their lives easier and more productive. At Dhrusya, we can help your employees gain this understanding through our corporate training programs.

We have set up a rigorous training process for the new and working candidates in open technologies like XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,Jquery, DOM, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML and more. By predicting on what the clients will need in future, training is conducted by our in-house trainer and technology experts in the relevant filed.

Our main aim is to produce skilled Professionals who have knowledge of the core principles underlying information technology and an understanding of emerging industry trends.

Our training programme use sophisticated educational technologies and are delivered with well-equipped laboratories, courseware and training equipment.

Our main training programs include(),

Course comprises of Basics, XHTML, CSS, JS, DOM (Level 1 & 2), PHP, MySQL, OOP’s, XML and LINUX Essentials. (More..)

Course comprises of Basics, XHTML, CSS, JS, DOM (Level 1,2 &3), PHP, MySQL, OOP’s, XML and LINUX Essentials.(More..)
Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and OsCommerce (More..)