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Freelance Consortium


Dhrusya works on a concept called Freelance Consortium, and is monitored by its founder Venu Gopal Chaladi. Freelance Consortium enables different professionals from different fields of web development, web designing, mobile development, web hosting, web marketing, web security, CMS development, SEO, wordpress, joomla, drupal, work together as a team around the world.

These people may be in different places around the world or working in different companies (Dhrusya consists of 27 inhouse developers till date), all work together. This enables resource sharing, knowledge sharing between the developers, with there by helps us to deliver services to the client with top most quality and expertise.

The field of web is becoming more and more complicated day by day and is not possible every individual will be proficient in all of them. Here a freelance consortium enables knowledge sharing and training of these developers in those areas.

From client’s view, client can reach his/her developer directly and can give his inputs via gtalk, skype, asana (a web project management software) or trello (web-based project management application). Client can interact directly over text chat or voice or desktop share etc at anytime. Even few developers can work on client time zones on requirement.

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