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IT Outsourcing

Whenever high quality programming and cost-effective solutions are the key factors in your business formula, you should consider an outsourcing partnership with Dhrusya Solutions as your main option for getting in front of your IT competitors.

As more and more international IT companies are moving their software development operations offshore in order to achieve cost-effective programming solutions,

Dhrusya Solutions has emerged as one of the most reliable IT outsourcing companies, currently maintaining excellent business relations with IT companies from USA (Washington, New York, California, Arizona, Nevada, Indiana, Atlanta), Israel, Australia, Germany.

Many believe that our main advantage resides in the new generation of highly trained programmers, willing to act on the

IT outsourcing scene and prove that their high quality programming skills deserve their reputation.

Some of Strategic Outsourcing Services include:
  • Application Management (Legacy and Web)
  • Application Maintenance
  • ERP Application Development and Support
  • Help Desk
  • Testing Solutions
  • Data Transformation
  • Conversion/Migration Application Management

The Benefits of Outsourcing:

Financial restructuring:
Improving the business’s financial position while reducing or at least containing costs

Core competence:

Redirecting the business and IT into core competences.

Technology Catalyst:

strengthening resources and flexibility in technology and service to underpin the business strategic direction.

Business transition:
Facilitating and supporting major organization change.

Business Innovation:
Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor, in order to achieve competitive advantage.

New market:
direct profit generation through joint ventures and vendor partner.
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