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About Us


Basically started as a WEB Training organization, Dhrusya made foray into web development field in the same year of its establishment i.e. in 2008 with an unique idea towards offering web based services to world clients in more perspective way, as Freelance Consortium.

The idea came from the founder Venu Gopal Chaladi (a Zend Certified Professional himself), where he wants to establish a freelance Consortium with a group of ten young dynamic professionals who are experienced in the the fields of web development, web designing, SEO, web marketing, web security, CMS development etc. This enables resource sharing, knowledge sharing between the developers and there by helps us to deliver services to the client with top most quality and expertise (for more please check Freelance Consortium section).

With precise understanding on Industry and WEB standards on technology Dhrusya moves towards world class excellence in all aspects. With pre/post development and post launch support to the clients Dhrusya never disappoints the clients.

Now with strong force of more than 40 developers experienced in various fields of web development, Dhrusya offers high-quality services to software companies, high-technology companies, IT departments of corporations, startup businesses and others. If your company is looking ways to the reduce cost of software development without sacrificing the highest quality of IT products, then you might consider us.

The word Dhrusya means, “a picture”, “vision” or “visual element” in Sanskrit. By the name specifies Dhrusya Solutions started with a vision to make their own mark on the web development.