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Creating USB linux drive

Just follow following procedure, >> isohybrid lxle-12045-32.iso it returns following warnings: isohybrid: Warning: more than 1024 cylinders: 1279 isohybrid: Not all BIOSes will be able to boot this device Then  wrote the usb key with: sudo dd...

Joomla development tips and hacks

Add styles and scrtpts to your extension $cssUrl=Juri::base() . ‘components/com_component/assests/style.css'; $jsUrl=Juri::base() . ‘components/com_component/assests/js.js'; $document = JFactory::getDocument(); $document->addStyleSheet($jsUrl);...
DG Maps

DG Maps

The easy to use DG Maps plugin! Add your customized DG Maps to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode.